Friday, July 15, 2016

What is the Victory in American Victory Garden?

What is the Victory in American Victory Garden?

The victory comes from achieving what drives your soul.

Maybe you want to grow a variety of heirloom tomato you cannot find in the store.

Maybe you want to see what vegetables taste like that have never had pesticides on them.

Maybe you want to teach your family group the benefits of being a producer.

Whatever drives your desire to have your own victory garden I support you, I wish you the best, and hope you achieve all of your dreams.

My goal for this blog will be to share with you my successes and failures in my home garden.  With this knowledge I hope to make it easier for you to have success in your garden!

Coming in July - Raised beds and why I use them.

                          - Cedar for the raised beds, comparing woods for longevity and performance in a raised bed.

Coming in August - how to construct single layer raised beds.